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Inside a big Eslite bookstore in Taipei. I spent a lot of time there (near Tai Da). It’s huge (I can’t remember how many stories), it has books and magazines in several languages, it has a nice cafe, and IT’S OPEN 24 HOURS (like all good bookstores should be, right?). And I hear it’s a good place to meet people *eyebrow waggle*. 

I miss Taipei (though not the weather). Mostly I miss being anywhere overseas. I wish I could spend more than three months living somewhere else. :| But right now just a few days would be great. (…which is how I came up with the name tabigokoro … but I don’t know if my classmates are really going to want to use Tumblr, so it may just be me blogging to myself in Japanese. ha.)

Anyway, I’m back, after, oh, five days at Fanime.

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